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  • 4 NLA funded research articles published! 16/2/2021

    The laboratory blood cancer researchers at the University of Nottingham have been busy during lockdown in 2020. FOUR papers have been peer-reviewed and published. All of these publications include work or people who have been funded by the NLA. A summary of each follows:

    • Bailey GD, Doolan L, Baskar A, Smith LC, Seedhouse CH. Preferential transcription of the mutated allele in NPM1 mutated acute myeloid leukaemia. Scientific Reports 2020

    This paper has identified a genetic phenomenon which occurs in 35% of patients with acute myeloid leukaemia. The work is a direct output from a Nottinghamshire Leukaemia Appeal Grant which funded Dr Graham Bailey who performed this project. Experiments are continuing to attempt to target this genetic abnormality as a treatment for the disease.

    • Grundy M, Al-Kaisi F, Cull J, Williams C, Smith D, Seedhouse CH.A same day assay predicts apoptotic response to combined BCL-2 and MCL-1 BH3 mimetic targeting in multiple myeloma cells. EJHaem 2020.

    There are many different drugs available to treat multiple myeloma, but clinicians do not always know the best ones to use. This publication describes a quick method using patient cells that provides information about whether a drug combination is effective in killing a particular patients myeloma cells. The Nottinghamshire Leukaemia Appeal provided funding for consumables to the laboratory where the work was performed and are now funding Dr Martin Grundy to continue this work.

    • Alhuthali HM, Bradshaw TD, Lim KH, Tam KS, Seedhouse CH. The natural alkaloid Jerantinine B has activity in acute myeloid leukaemia cells through a mechanism involving c-Jun. BMC Cancer 2020.

    This work examined whether a naturally occurring chemical would be a candidate for the treatment of acute myeloid leukaemia. The results are promising and have identified a cellular target of the new drug which is prevalent in leukaemia cells but not normal cells. The Nottinghamshire Leukaemia Appeal provided funding for consumables to the laboratory where the work was performed.

    • Almasmoum H, Seedhouse C, Winkler GS. Frequent loss of BTG1 activity and impaired interactions with the Caf1 subunit of the Ccr4-Not deadenylase in non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Leukemia and Lymphoma 2020.

    This paper describes the effects of a mutation, commonly found in patient with non-Hodgkins lymphoma. The more we know about the biological consequences of a mutation, the more likely we are to discover whether the mutation, which only occurs in the lymphoma cells, can be exploited in new therapies. The Nottinghamshire Leukaemia Appeal provided funding for consumables to the laboratory where some of this work was performed.

  • NLA purchases two-way radios for Nottingham City Hospital Fletcher Ward 23/11/2020

    The NLA have recently bought a set of 8 walkie talkie radios for Fletcher Ward at Nottingham City Hospital. This ward is comprised of single rooms and looks after patients who have undergone stem cell transplants. The radios will be used to locate nurses, as with all of the single side rooms it can be difficult sometimes to locate staff and they will also be used in emergencies to alert staff. In addition, they will be helpful for communicating with the Stem Cell laboratory team during transplants.

  • Notts County Football Club Collection 09/3/2020

    Huge thanks to the NLA volunteers who took part in a fundraising day at Notts County Football Club in January! A fantastic £500 was collected!

  • 51ST BRAMCOTE WALK 09/3/2020

    The annual Nottinghamshire Leukaemia Appeal Bramcote Walk will take place on Saturday 16th May.
    The walk leaves 26, Moor Lane, Bramcote between 8.30 and 9.30 and all are welcome!
    The walk is almost entirely off road but on paths and goes through Bramcote, Cossall along towpaths of the Nottingham and Erewash canal returning to Bramcote via Stapleford.
    There are 3 checkpoints on route with drinks provided and refreshments are served at the end.
    Sponsor forms are available from Roger Moors by phoning 01159164441 or sponsors can donate online by clicking the ‘Donate’ button on the website (please state name of sponsee under ‘your message’)

  • Bramcote Walk 2019 update and 2020 date! 07/2/2020

    The updated total for the 50th anniversary walk last May is a fantastic £9,502.21!!
    The date for this year’s walk is Saturday 16th May 2020….more details to follow soon.

  • NLA funded Research Fellow Dr Graham Bailey 06/1/2020

    THE NLA is currently providing funding for cutting edge research into the development of a new therapeutic drug treatment for acute myeloid leukaemia.

    Dr Graham Bailey, a research scientist at the University of Nottingham’s Medical School, is leading the research.

    The work is focussed on a commonly occurring sub-type of acute myeloid leukaemia called NPM1-mutated AML. The aim of the research is to develop a novel gene therapy in which a drug selectively targets damaged copies of a gene which is believed to cause and maintain this type of leukaemia. Undamaged copies of the gene are not affected by the drug. This method of gene therapy should prevent the disease from progressing and eventually kill the leukaemia cells or make them more sensitive to conventional drugs. This is an entirely new method of treating the disease.

    This research has the potential to create a radically new treatment which will benefit sufferers of acute myeloid leukaemia.

  • Introducing Nottinghamshire Leukaemia Appeal Betty Barton Students 09/12/2019

    The Nottinghamshire Leukaemia Appeal has recently committed over £180,000 to train two young scientists in the field of blood cancer and stem cells. The students will be performing research projects under the supervision of Dr Alexander Thompson and Dr Claire Seedhouse at the University of Nottingham.

    Mays Abuhantash

    “I’m a stem cell scientist working towards my PhD in haematology. I have specialised in cancer and stem cells with the goal of delivering life-changing research to the clinic. My research focuses on creating advanced leukaemic models in the lab that will help us develop better drug treatments in the future. I have always wanted to make a difference in cancer patients’ lives and the NLA has paved the way for me to do so by funding my research. I’m very excited to engage with the NLA as part of my Betty Barton Studentship and further enrich my PhD experience.”

    Lara Doolan

    “I’m Lara, one of the Betty Barton PhD students funded by the NLA. My PhD is focused on ‘dormant’ leukaemia cells which can be responsible for both failure to enter remission when patients are first treated, and for relapse following treatment. I will be spending the coming years looking at ways that we can use drugs that are already FDA-approved to overcome the drug resistance and relapse caused by dormant cells. I also hope to improve the understanding we already have of these cells. I have already started some initial experiments (as well as lots of reading!) to help plan my research over the next few months, and I can’t wait until the project is fully underway. I’m very excited to be carrying out research that will add to what we know about leukaemia and ways to treat it, and incredibly grateful to the NLA for supporting me in doing this!”

  • West Bridgford Legion Cricket Club T20 tournament 05/12/2019

    Many thanks to the West Bridgford Legion Cricket Club for raising £386 at their T20 tournament in August!

    Congratulations to the organising committee for a great day and thanks to all who took part.

  • 50th anniversary Bramcote Walk Success! 31/7/2019

    Many congratulations and thanks to all who took part or helped in the recent 50 year anniversary Bramcote Walk.

    Walkers, who had come from as far as Belfast, Spain and the Cayman Islands, were waved off by one of the founders of the annual event, Mrs Judy Morton. The weather was good and a lovely walk was enjoyed by all, as were the beautiful cakes and tea on completion!

    We are delighted to report that this year’s event has so far raised an incredible £9000!!

    Huge thanks to the walk committee Roger, Diane and Keith and their teams of helpers. The organisation was superb and in addition to the amazing amount of money raised, a great day was had by all!!

  • Betty Barton Studentships 25/7/2019

    The NLA are delighted to announce that they will be funding two PhD students who will start in October 2019. The students will be working with Dr Alex Thompson and Dr Claire Seedhouse and will be performing research aimed at understanding why some patients relapse and what happens when leukaemia cells stop responding to treatment. Work will also focus on using new drugs to try and overcome resistance to treatment. We will be inviting both of the successful applicants to share their research stories over the coming months.