The appeal is to support the work of the Nottingham University Hospitals Haematology Department by contributing to the treatment, care and welfare of patients and fostering life-saving research into leukaemia and the related blood cancers, myeloma and lymphoma.

Centre of Excellence

The appeal was set up in 1994 as a joint venture between Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust and the national Leukaemia Research Fund and has raised nearly £3 million to support research . The success of the appeal has contributed to the recognition of the City Hospital transplant unit as the very first centre of excellence in this country and one of the leading centres in Europe. Currently, over 150 patients are treated with transplants each year and many pioneering developments have been made, in particular the first ever successful transplant for leukaemia using stem cells harvested from the blood rather than the bone marrow.

In 2014 the appeal became a independent charity and this now allows it, not only to support research, but also the care and welfare of patients with leukaemia and related blood cancers. More and more patients from all over the East Midlands are being successfully treated for these otherwise fatal diseases.